What is a web domain?

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In this specific post we need to explain what is a web domain and web address.

Every website in the world have his unique web address and the full web address have de form: https://www.example.com. Now lets breake down.

HTTP stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol.” It is the foundation of data communication on the World Wide Web and is used for transferring and displaying web pages and other resources on the internet. HTTP defines how web browsers and web servers communicate with each other to request and deliver content.

WWW stands for “World Wide Web.” It’s a widely recognized prefix that is used in URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) to indicate a website on the internet. When you see a web address like “www.example.com,” the “www” part is a subdomain that traditionally signifies the web server where a website’s content is hosted.

“EXAMPLE” is the name of you domain. In this context, “example” is a placeholder or illustrative term used to demonstrate domain naming concepts. It’s not a real website but serves as a generic name in examples.

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A web domain, sometimes referred to as a domain, is a name that can be remembered by people and is used to indicate a particular location on the internet. It is a component of a broader addressing system known as the Domain Name System (DNS), which is used to convert domain names that are understandable to humans into IP addresses that computers use to identify and communicate with one another on the internet.

A web domain can be thought of as the equivalent of a home’s address online. It is what you enter in the address bar of a web browser to go to a certain website. The domain “example.com” is what is used in the domain name “www.example.com,” for instance. There are two primary components to it:

The final portion of a domain name, such as “.com,” “.org,” “.net,” “.edu,” “.gov,” or a domain specific to a country [“,ca” – for Canada, “.fr” for France, .jp for Japan, “.eu” for European Union and the list continue] is known as the top-level domain (TLD). TLDs provide information about the website’s broad category or function.

The portion of the domain name that comes before the top-level domain is known as the second-level domain (SLD). It frequently serves as the organization's or website's primary name. The second-level domain in the example, "www.example.com," is "example".

In order to create a distinctive online identity and give people access to websites and other online resources, web domains are utilised. Domain registrars, which are businesses licenced to offer domain registration services, register and administer them. You effectively lease the right to use a domain name when you register one for a specific period of time and you can renew it as long as you continue to pay the renewal fees.

How the web domanin and web address works?

Basicaly, everty time when somebody type on browser [i.e: Chrome. Firefox, Edge, etc] the adress of your domanin [www.yourdomain.com]

Here are five web domain registrars or sellers based in the UK:

GoDaddy UK: GoDaddy is a well-known domain registrar that operates internationally, including in the UK. They offer a wide range of domain services and website-related products.

123 Reg: 123 Reg is a UK-based domain registrar and web hosting provider. They offer domain registration services along with hosting solutions and website building tools.

Namecheap: While Namecheap is based in the United States, they serve customers globally, including the UK. They are known for providing affordable domain registration services and other online services.

Fasthosts: Fasthosts is a UK-based company offering domain registration, web hosting, and other online services. They cater to both individuals and businesses.

UK2 Group: UK2 Group provides domain registration services as well as web hosting and website building solutions. They have a presence in the UK and offer a range of online services

Personal I am using 123REG since 2015 and I am very satisfied.




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