Freesync from AMD is compatible with a Nvidia Geforce graphic card?

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Before I decided to buy a new laptop and a new dispaly external monitor I asked myself if

Freesync from AMD is compatible with a Nvidia Geforce graphic card?

I spend days on Amazon (or other websites)reading rewies form other users , watching Youtube videos and reading maybe 20 or more articles about this subject. In theory, the answers is YES, Freesync from AMD is compatible with a Nvidia Geforce graphic card.

But like I said, I spent days researching and here are my toughts.

FreeSync is a display technology developed by AMD that allows a compatible graphics card to communicate with a compatible monitor to dynamically adjust the refresh rate in order to reduce screen tearing and stuttering. IT is designed to work with AMD graphics cards, and is not officially supported by NVIDIA graphics cards.

However, it is possible that some NVIDIA graphics cards may be able to use FreeSync under certain conditions. For example, some newer NVIDIA graphics cards, such as the GeForce RTX 30 and 40 series, have support for a feature called “G-Sync Compatible,” which allows them to work with FreeSync monitors.

To use FreeSync with an NVIDIA graphics card, you will need to make sure that your graphics card and monitor are both compatible with G-Sync Compatible, and you will also need to enable the feature in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

It is important to note that using FreeSync with an NVIDIA graphics card is not guaranteed to work and may not provide the same level of performance as using a FreeSync monitor with an AMD graphics card.


Make a serious research, ask questions, watch videos before you buy a monitor for your PC (or laptop) in special if you want to buy an expensive one for gamming or video editing.




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