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Why you need a website for your business

Why you need a website for your business? And how can you do it.

Many people (self-employed, small business owners) ask all the time: why we need a website?

You need a website because is 2020, time is money, and instead spending time and send informatins about your business to your parteners they can find all about just going to your website and get all info they need.  Think form your customers perspective:  if you cannot afrod a website, how can they trust you?

Let’s say you don’t want to pay a webdesinger because you cannot pay him  but you want a websiste. Can you make it yourself? Yes. Takes some time but you can. Here are some advices.

1- Avoid to free hosting or  domains  because when a bussines partener or customer will you cannot afrod to pay a domanin and hosting he will ask how serios is your business.

2- Buy your own domain and your own hosting.  Is not free but is worth. In UK I use 123reg.co.uk to buy domains.

3-  Use a open source CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress –  and a free theme and plugins. Example:  If your website is a e-commerce/shop website use woocommerce plugin.  or  a CMS like Open Cart to make your online shop. But  you need  SEO plugins (addons for Open Cart), image optimzation and site speed plugins as well.

4- Do not steal  content (text, pictures or videos) from other websites. Use free stock photos/videos and write your own text. If u cannot write a text ask  a freelancer. Upwork is a good site where you can hire a freelancer.

5- Have at least an email address like name@yourdomain.com; If your hosting is good (I buy domains and hosting separately because the hosting from 123reg is not good enough for me) u can make unlumited email adresses.

6- most important, ask a friend or someone who knows webdesing before buy your domain and hosting. Few days ago a friend of mine asked me if I can help with her  website. She gave me her credentials, I logged in and  the hosting is horrible!  Also expensive.  180 Pounds/year. CPanel is 20 year old, versions of PHP  3.2 and for last version of WordPress I need at least 5.6. Even after I asked support to make me upgrade some pluggins don’t work because server is too old.

PS:  If you have domain and hosting but you strugle with steps above contact me and I will help you for a small fee.