Webdesign: Direct Link Services Website


Website Name: Direct Link Services

CMS: WordPress, Elementor, Woocommerce


Site status: Offline

In 2018, Fast Websites UK had the privilege of crafting a dynamic online presence for Direct Link Services, a new recruitment company located in Birmingham. This website served as a valuable tool, helping the company attract new clients and connect job seekers with temporary job opportunities. Additionally, we provided eye-catching graphic ads for Facebook to expand their reach.

Key Features:

Key Features:

  1. Elementor-Powered Creativity: Utilizing the flexibility of Elementor, a versatile WordPress page builder, we designed a visually engaging website that reflected Direct Link Services’ commitment to connecting employers and job seekers. Elementor empowered us to infuse creativity into every aspect of the site.
  2. WordPress Blog Integration: A dedicated blog section was integrated into the website. This allowed Direct Link Services to share industry insights, job market trends, and valuable tips with their audience. The blog fostered engagement and positioned the company as an authoritative voice in recruitment.
  3. Online Forms: To streamline the client and job seeker registration process, we implemented online forms. These forms allowed users to submit their information conveniently, enabling Direct Link Services to efficiently connect job seekers with potential employers.
  4. Video Background: The website featured a captivating video background on select pages. This visually engaging element served to highlight the company’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach in the recruitment industry.
  5. Graphic Ads for Facebook: As part of our comprehensive services, Fast Websites UK created eye-catching graphic ads tailored for Facebook advertising campaigns. These ads were strategically designed to attract potential clients and job seekers, expanding Direct Link Services’ reach on the platform

Direct Link Services’ website, born in 2018, stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering a dynamic, informative, and engaging online presence. It played a crucial role in helping the company attract new clients and connect job seekers with temporary job opportunities, while also providing valuable insights through their blog. Additionally, our Facebook graphic ads further amplified their online visibility and impact in the recruitment industry.

Over a five-year partnership with FW UK (Fast Websites UK), our collaboration has been marked by comprehensive content development and diverse IT services. FW UK has not only crafted the visual and textual content for our website but has also produced over 20 informative blog articles. Furthermore, they’ve provided essential IT services, including Windows installation, software configuration, and efficient email management solutions. This long-standing partnership has been characterized by their dedication to enhancing our online presence and optimizing our digital operations.

In 2023, Direct Link Services closed their activity and the company merged with another.