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* price for each product is 5£ this include: title, description, links to similar products, and 1-3 web optimised photos

please read notes bellow

A SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is mandatory since 2018 for all websites but you don’t need to buy imediatly because you can get one free for 6 monts.

I can provide you content writing for your website for a extra fee.  Price is variable because I am hiring content writers freelancers and usualy is 10 USD for 100 words.

If you don’t have photos for your website you can hire me as photographer or you can buy photos yourself from Shutterstock images

My advice is to buy the domanin name (www.yourdomain.com) yourself.

I can provide FREE hosting for 1 year. After 1 year, the price is 12£/year and you must pay in advance. For a eCommerce website I recomand you to get a private hosting.

If we need to meet for photography and discutions transport outside of Redditch is Uber based price  (around 50£).

If you provide us the content (text, video and images) for your website you must provide full informations about that content.

If we agree with price you must pay 50% in advance.  When the site is 95% ready you get an email to pay another 30% and when site is done the rest of 20%.

If during the project you want some extra features (eg: ask me to make a video, photos, add new content) you agree to pay an extra fee.

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