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Ioan enache

wordpress addicted - Web Designer - Photograph and videographt- Public Relations consultant

John Enache Website design, Video and photography in Redditch - West Midlands UK - Fast Websites UK - www.fast-websites.uk

Well, this is not a standard resume and I cannot tell everything about me in few words, but I will let you know some things about me. I am a litle introvert. I am loyal and I am try keep my word and I am not greedy. I like to help people but also I refuse to keep deadly people in my life even they are relatives. If I will accept to work with you  and you don’t know exactly what you want. Also I don’t like to work with people who change the mind durring a project.  I’ll put all my eforts to help you. Because I like to consider we are parteners.  Unlike other agencies I do not overcharge and do my best whilst working with the client to keep as close to the initial quote as possible. Check my “resume” and if you have questions contact me.

my CV


2015 - Present


My name is Ioan Enache but you can call me John. “For me, designing and building websites is like extra curricular activities are for others. I began learning and subsequently persuing web design sub sequently in 1997. My first page was built with Netscape Composer. My next step was  building a page with BSIC HTML  on Angelfire.com and from then on I began learning HTML code using Notepad as my editor. Due to the ‘explosion’ of Content Management Systems in 2007 I started using a few CMS’s, although eventually fell in love with WordPress.

Also me and my friends use Open Cart, Joomla, Prestashop.

I am the owner of fastwebsites.eu and fast-websites.uk but am I am not working alone. For complex projects I have few friends who help me but I will mention here two of my closest friends: Andrei and Razvan. They also work independent for their own projects or sometimes they need my help because we understand the meaning of “deadline“. For now we cover few countries United Kingdom (Birmingham-West Midlands), Nederlands (Den Haag, Amsterdam and Utrech), Belgium (Anwerp) and Romania (mainly in Bucharest, Pitesti, Craiova, Constanta, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara but we cvver any town). Our expertise is in Wedesign, Graphic Design, Web Developement, Photography, Content writing, SEO and Social Media Management.

2013 - 2015


In 1994 I used my 1st computer. Was a  386 PC with Windows 3.1  operating system! 1 or 2 years later I start using PC with Windows 95 and soon internet exploded in the world.  I think in 1997 I had my 1st email adress on yahoo (and Is still active!). Also between 1997-1998 I learned how to install  Windows 95 and Windows 98 opperating systems. Since then I instaled Windows OS (95, 98, ME, NT, XP, 7, 8 and 10) on hunderd of computers. I think the most instaled Windows OS was Windows 98… and I instaled it in english, romanian, hebrew, russian, french, spanish, Italian even in chinese! As you can figure I can speake only Romanian and English but I understand a litle bit French (but because Romanian language is a latin language is not hard to understand Italian or Spanish).

2002 - 2013


Even when I had a full time and a permanent job I use to work as freelance (not only webdesing or photography). Sometimes realy free. Because I chose to help friends or because other people/companies did not pay. Or because I wannted to learn something new. 

About photography

I made my 1st photo in 1985 using a SMENA – a Russian cheap camera photo. In 1988 I started using ZENITH another Russian camera (wasn’t mine). Because a color film was almost impossible to buy in the communist period in Romania I used to be a Black and White photograph. After 1990, when communism falls in my country I bought a cheap Kodak color but soon I stopped make-ing photography. Until 2004 when I had to make some photos from a website that I managed. So I used my 1st digital camera (I think was an HP). In 2006 I worked for a magazine as a reporter but because the magazine cannot pay a professional photographer I had to take photos on events. I used a cheap Nikon but because I was the only guy who likes to make pictures the magazine sent me on all Panasonic România events. So I started using Panasonic photo and video cameras. In 2007 I become a full freelancer and I had to manage content for a few customers. One of the cusmomers  was FMLR – a Union of workers and they want me to take photos on the monthly events and I start using a professional Nikon DSLR camera.

Now I am using a Canon 1300 D and every picture on this website is made with this camera or my mobile (Asus Z00UD)

other interests

As you see I have a Master Degree in Political Sciences at University of Bucharest. So yes, I like to study politics. But Also I like History, Philospphy, Socilology (my dream is to have in PhD – a research abut  integration of Romanians in United Kingdom). I worked in media and I wrote articles and made studies about politics, economy, terrorism, intelligence, European Uninion, IT and CGangs in USA. I had different jobs in my life an i learned everytime something. I worked  at 1180 meters undergound (a coal mine), for Romanian Government, for politicians and political parties, for NGO’s, Uninion of workers, IT companies, in mass-media, even in a weapons factory 🙂



strating learnign html

Graduated public relations and Journalism courses ( just 6 and 9 months each); strating building for fun websites on free hosting sites.
Bachelor degree in Political Sciences; starting using dhtml, html webpages editors, photo editors.
Master Degree in Political Sciences, 1sts steps on CSS.
Start working as journalist and learning about php and content managenment systems.
Worked in Public Relations domanin, learning how to make a newsletters campaigns, instaled and used my 1st CMS (a phpBB forum). I start using video and audio editors just for fun.
Started a small bussines with a friend. An IT company where we made few small websites and traning students to use HTML editors but our base bussines, was an Internet-cafee, computer repairs (Windows install, virus cleaning, recovery data) or selling custome computers.
I started blogging. My 1ST BLOG was a premade bloghosted by YAHOO-360, Latter a moved some posts on Blogger.com
I can say in that year a become a blogger. because I start learning anything about WordPress and in this year I bought my 1st domain: mcgogoo.ro. In 10 years I made websites, landing pages, newsletters, blogs using html wordpress or opencart. I learned about SEO, link building, and social media camapaings.
Well I made around 50 websites or blogs based on Open Cart or WordPress. Unfortunately many of may customers did not paid ther hosting or they did not renew their domanin name so websites are not online anymore. But some customers like it and they still use the website. You can see few of them on Portfolio section. I used to make maintenance for some customers, starting to work in partenship with Razvan and Andrei. Also I worked as a freelance for another webdevelopment companies. In last year a become fan of Elementor an excelent plugin for WordPress.


Videography 85%
Photography 90%
Webdesign 99%


Reading and writing

I love reading. Not only books. I read  articles from media, tutorials . Also I like to write. Blogging for a long time. Unfortunatley for years I wrote only on facebook and good idea are lost.

serials and music

Yep. Seriales not movies. I love Rock music ’60-’90’s and Hip-hop. But also I am happy to listen jazz, blues or clasic.  You can chek my youtube chanell to see few list of favorite songs

playing games on PC

On PC. Not Play Station or X-Box. And I am long term player. when I start a game I don’t change it. Lineage 2 for 6 years, Antlanica Online same. Now I am playing Archeage.