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Ioan Enache · Photography UK

3 Sites for Free Stock Photos

Maybe yout don’t know but human brains can proces  images 60,000 times faster than text. So is important to your busiess to use images and videos on your website, blog and social media pages or posts.

I am photographer too and I am using most of time my own footages and photos but sometimes I need to find some images or video for my webdesign or video projects. On my Facebook pages [HERE and HERE] or Youtube channels you can see my own video and photos  but also I made some videoclips from free footages or a mixed  clip from my footages and some free.

On internert are many websites with free images or videos but I will reccomand my favorites:

1- Unsplash 300,000 beautiful, high-resolution images from more  contributors
2- Pixabay  over 1.7 mil images and videos
3- Pexels I am contributor here and tink is to my free stock photos and videos uploaded there by me free to use for eveyone but on Pexels you cand find over 1 mil free stock photos.